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Ink and Quill is a podcast that discusses works of fiction from various authors. Your hosts Fizz and Dr. Hot-Fizz will delve into various plots, subtexts, and uses of language within the text as well as personal opinion about the author and their work. To join the Ink and Quill fan community, visit
InQ Episode 69: "The Night Circus"

In her first novel, Erin Morgenstern takes her reader to a magical place; a circus only opened at night. There the spectator encounters tents after tents of unimaginable goodies, spectacles of light, mirror effects, illusionists, kitten shows and everything that makes a circus what a circus is.

However, the circus is there for a darker purpose; Celia and Marco are to battle each other to the last person standing. Who will win? That is the question. But they are nothing but puppets in the hand of sinister beings who challenge each other using young unaware pupils. Why? This is what we venture to find out, along with the outcome of the challenge.

This is a fun first novel, different and interesting. Set in 19th century, the “reveurs” among us will appreciate being thrown in a world where imagination stands at the center.

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InQ Episode 68: "The Sandman"

In this episode we discuss Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series. The WHOLE series. That’s right, the 10 episodes!

Set against the background of Dream’s abduction from the Dream World of which he is the King, the story of the Sandman mixes folklore with fantasy, reverie with reality, dilemmas with decisions.  A very ambitious work that touches on a lot of various themes, the Sandman series will entice anyone interested in reading a graphic novel with a message. Change or not change, that is the question that Dream (aka Morpheus) will be forced to ponder over the course of 10 volumes once he finally escapes his prison and his world has been shattered by his very absence. After 70 years of imprison0ment, both the Dream World and the Waking World are in dire need of his presence.

Be ready to meet the Endless (Dream’s brothers and sisters), the Fates, the vortex, personified nightmares like the Corinthian,  Rose Walker, Loki, Abel and Cain, Matthew the raven, Lucien the librarian, Mervyn of the pumpkin head,  and many others.

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