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Ink & Quill Episode 58: "The Dark Tower" Series

Is it really necessary to present Stephen King's most acclaimed book series?

Roland the gunslinger, his ka-tet, his quest to find the mysterious Dark Tower, his dealings with the Man in Black and the Crimson King, Gilead, Susan Delgado, Oy the billy-blumber, etc etc etc. Stephen King has written a masterpiece in 9 books (well, 7 plus 2 really..) with connections and repercussions on most of his other novels from It to The Shining, to The Stand among numerous others.

Mixing fantasy, western, dimension hoping sci-fi, adventure, hard-core violence with a very large spoonful of darkness, the Dark Tower series will grip you like it has gripped so many before.

In this episode, we review not only the books but also the recently published graphic novels, and we talk about the upcoming TV series :)

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Ink & Quill Episode 57: "Game of Thrones"

For the few of you out there who haven't yet heard of Game of Thrones, may it be the book series, the HBO series, or the graphic novels among other media, this episode should give you an idea what George RR Martin is all about.

Set against a background of seven kingdoms and one king to rule it all from his Iron Throne, the Song of Ice and Fire of which Game of Thrones is the first installment will entice young and old! Intertwined political intrigues, manipulations, undead beyond the Wall and yes, dragons! Pick your favorite character, or for that matter, your favorite family, and see their stories enfold.

A very intricate plot with loads of ramifications! A masterwork that is 15 years in the making.

Episode 57 deals with all five novels, the HBO series AND the graphic novel volume 1. Check it out :)

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Ink & Quill Episode 56: "From Eternity to Here"

What is entropy you wonder? Why does time exist at all and what is its purpose? Can one live outside of time? And more importantly, what on earth (or in space? lol!) is time?

Sean Carroll sets out to explain time in a scientific way, dealing along the way with quantum theory, black holes, the Big Bang and other goodies!

Not an easy read but it has its good moments, and the pics are cool! However, if you are not verse in at least basic physics, this book is not for you!! It does tend to go deeper than it looks at times and may potentially lose the reader that is not familiar with some of the concepts.

So I tickled your curiosity and you want to take on the challenge?

Then check out the episode above for more details :)

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