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Ink and Quill is a podcast that discusses works of fiction from various authors. Your hosts Fizz and Dr. Hot-Fizz will delve into various plots, subtexts, and uses of language within the text as well as personal opinion about the author and their work. To join the Ink and Quill fan community, visit
Ink & Quill Episode 31: "Schrodinger's Cat: Book 1"

Robert Anton Wilson plays with quantum theory and psychology in The Universe Next Door, the first in his Schrödinger's Cat trilogy.


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Ink & Quill Episode 30: "Twilight of the Gods"

Trying out a slight change in format, Fizz & Dr. Hot-Fizz discuss Twilight of the Gods, the 2010 book from Erich von Däniken.


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Ink & Quill Episode 29: "The Elephant's Journey"

A simple tale with complex undertones and lessons for any age or era in Jose Saramago's final book, The Elephant's Journey.


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