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Ink & Quill Episode 49: "The Foundation Trilogy"

In this three novels series, Isaac Asimov studies the fate of civilizations in a galaxy far far away…

When the Empire is on the brink of decline and fall, Hari Seldon, the father of psychohistory, the science of mass evolution over milenia, decides to tinker with the fate of humanity by gathering a small groups of scientists on a remote planet called Terminus. He hopes to reduce the Chaos that is to follow the fall of the Empire from 30 000 years to a mere 1 000. Their task is to create the Encyclopedia Galactica. As the years and centuries go by, Seldon remains revered as a God and the fate of humanity remains unchanged, faithful to the outcome Seldon had predicted. Until the Mule! Mutant, born a “freak of nature” with incomparable powers of mind control coming out of nowhere, the Mule decides to take on the universe and keep it for himself.

But there are rumors that Seldon created a Second Foundation somewhere else in the universe. Did he think the first one could fail? Was he covering his tracks or simply setting the Second Foundation for a totally different purpose? The Second Foundationers seem to have developed a rather interesting set of powers of their own..

Yet, the main question remains throughout the three novels: Did Seldon put humanity on the path is it on right now by changing its fate? Or would humanity have reached the exact same point had Seldon not intervened?

Set as setting (Foundation), conflict (Foundation and Empire) and resolution (Second Foundation), the Foundation Series can be read from various points of view, from the political to the religious, from anthropology to philosophy, from pure science-fiction to an allegory on free-will vs predetermination.

Isaac Asimov is not one the pillars of science-fiction for nothing! The Foundation series will entice young and old! After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a character called the Mule… :)

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Ink & Quill Episode 48: "Dune"

For those who have never read this phenomenal science-fiction novel, and for all you worm lovers out there, we bring you Dune! Written in 1965 but still extremely modern in its themes and writing style, Dune is the perfect novel for anyone in dire need of chill, excitement, wonder, awareness and Spice!

Set on planet Arrakis better known as Dune, the story follows the House of Atreides with its Duke, his Bene Gesserit concubine Jessica, Paul the wonder child and Alia, not yet born, as they come to the desert planet in order to take over the spice mining and fall into a trap set for them by the House of Harkonnen and its Baron, backed up in their evil endeavor by  the Padishah Emperor. All is done in the name of the Spice, the supreme element that extends life, that opens consciousness and allows space travel. "Who controls the spice, controls the universe." And right now, the Spice monopoly is in the hands of the Guild. Yet the Guild is worried. They are afraid of Paul of the House of Atreides, the boy who should have been a girl.  Could Paul of Atreides, with his phenomenal powers, son of the Duke and of Jessica of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood be Muad'dib, the Kwisatz Haderach, the supreme being that the Fremen, the people of Arrakis have been waiting for, the savior, the one who will break once and for all the Spice monopoly and restore order?

Filled with action, adventure, but also metaphysical elements, philosophy, ecology, politics, this rich novel has something for everyone. Man, woman or child, aged 20, 52 or 95, every age will find pleasure in reading or, more likely, re-reading this masterpiece of science-fiction.  Just a quick word of advice: watch out for the worms! :)

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