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Ink and Quill is a podcast that discusses works of fiction from various authors. Your hosts Fizz and Dr. Hot-Fizz will delve into various plots, subtexts, and uses of language within the text as well as personal opinion about the author and their work. To join the Ink and Quill fan community, visit
InQ Episode 99: "The Nightside Series"

John Taylor really does not want to go back to the Nightside, that shady weird underside of London, where all types of mythical creatures dwell, good and bad. But when a rich lady comes begging to help her find her missing teenager, John cannot say no. Plus she is offering a lot of money!

And just like that John is back in the Nightside! His reputation for locating things with his “gift” precedes him. Clearly John and the Nightside have a history. Could be because of his mother?

In episode 99, we discuss both “Something from the Nightside” (looking for the missing teenager) and “Agents of Light and Darkness” (who stole the Unholy Grail?), books 1 and 2 of the Nightside series.

Fun (and funny) little novels. Highly enjoyable! Can’t wait to read all the others and tie the loose ends :)

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