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InQ Episode 64: "This Book Is Full of Spiders"

Lovers of, this book is for you. Funny, gory, silly, completely off the wall, and of course… full of spiders! This sequel to “John dies at the end” is as funny as the first one but with a different plot all together. Yes, we are dealing here with… zombie apocalypse, spider style!

Two overgrown teenagers, John and Dave, have been transformed forever after taking the “soy sauce”, a very black (and alive!) drug that gives you abilities, but at a price. Sure! now you can see things and other creepy crawlers from other dimensions. But when they start invading people’s mouth and you are the only ones to see them, there’s a problem, especially since the government believes the only way to get rid of the problem, is to nuke the whole town of Undisclosed.

Fan of Men and Black you will love this book. Definitely different, very comic-bookish and amusing. You just need a pretty strong stomach!

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